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It is said that I spend too much time on the computer, which is probably so. So that you don't have to spend endless hours hunting down the sites that are actually useful to us walkers,  I've made a list of a few of the great ones! I imagine I will be adding to this page fairly frequently, so check back!

  1. General Sites for Walkers
                          -information on all subjects for all type of walkers! Great forum!

Lots of info here, and you can sign up for Wendy Baumgardner's email newsletter, which is quite useful!

     2.  Racewalking Technique

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-Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman's all-inclusive site. Exhaustive pages on technique, drills, stretches, etc., etc.

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-Dave McGovern's site. Excellent info, and his writing is amusing!

-a great site with pages and pages of interesting stuff, including some fascinating video studies.

     3. Vegan Athlete Sites (not general vegan)

-Just came across this recently, and it's a great site! Lots of basics for athletes (mostly runners, but it all applies to us as well!)  Excellent resource.

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On this partilcular page of the website, outlines for vegan athletes are presented.

Brendan Brazier
Canadian entrepeneur and thriathlete. Author of the Thrive diet and inventor of many vegan sports products.
Interesting forum. Walkers are usually under the "Other" category. Most of the members are quite young, but don't make old fogeys like me feel unwelcome. You can pick up some good tips here.

 4. Calculators, Formulae and other Important Stuff

Simply the best solution for walking shoes, IMHO. Coach Carmen also posts some great tips and ideas. She also has an external blog focussing a bit more on her local Oregon group.

This British site has some interesting info specific to powerwalking, but the calculator is the most useful.

(Exercise Rx)
A wide array of great calculators for athletes, including the Rockport Walking Test:

5. Of Local Interest (Ontario and Michigan)

If you're tuning in from the Southern Ontario or Lower Michigan area, these might be of interest to you!

This Royal Oak, MI - based club is an excellent place to get direction. They hold clinics and races and have a team that consistently scores well at national events. Very friendly and welcoming!

Copy of 05-30-2004 12;30;25PM
Walkers and Runners Around the County of Essex is a Windsor, ON - based club sponsering races, although running is their primary concern, they do have shorter races for walkers.
In Windsor, ON. Amazingly helpful wellness centre (haven't been there for an injury, but I'm sure they excel at healing, too!). Attended for work on balancing muscles for proper racewalk form and correcting imbalances. Extremely beneficial!!!! Run by athletes, they also sponser a thriathlon. These folks know their stuff. There is also Personal Coaching available.
In Kitchener-Waterloo, ON. Although I have not attended (yet!), I have heard good things about this walkers-only race. Gotta love it!
Toronto, ON - based. I don't know a lot about this club, but they seem to have good standings in races! Added here for GTA readers.


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