Walker Races 2013


Please note that this list is minimal compared to what may be out there. I’ve limited my choices to those relatively near me or in places to which I travel frequently (parts of Canada, the American Midwest and Southwest and England), or just because I like the sound of the race; after all, this is my list and I made this it for me!...but you may as well benefit from my time-consuming research, too. I also did not include trail races as I personally prefer to hike on trails, not race on them.

The actual dates for some of these races are not given as they have not yet been verified for 2013. I have listed those races under the month in which they were run in 2012. Check with the official websites for updates; I’ll also try to update this list as the dates are finalised; I'll also add new races as I come across them.

New for 2013, I’ve divided races into those with actual walking divisions and those that welcome walkers”. I often give quotes directly from the websites concerning walking. Always check with the race director if it isn’t apparent on the website. Things might change from year to year.

5K, 10K, HM (half marathons) and M (full marathons) as applied to walkers indicated.



[These races have separate walking divisions, results and sometimes awards]


*****Windsor/Essex County, ON: WRACE series of races, about one per month with separate 5K walking divisions and awards - http://www.wrace.org/index.html Check back for 2013 dates.
…and for an interesting “change of pace”(pun intended) for a good cause, check out the powerwalking “Moonwalks” (London, Edinburgh and Iceland): http://www.walkthewalk.org/Home

Be warned:  “walking divisions” in many of the following races are often not monitored, which means people will try to run some of it. This cheating is very frustrating for those of us who follow the rules. The “honour system” is often stacked against the honourable!
End of rant.

February 3rd, 2013: Sarnia, ON: Hypothermic Half  HM  http://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=7247&contentId=21818&vrindex=0 Great tech jacket; Half Marathon Walk listed as choice; results posted separately.

March 3rd 2013: Burlington, ON: “Chilly Half” HM  http://www.chillyhalfmarathon.ca/site-chilly/Chilly_Half.html Great tech jacket; Half Marathon Walk listed as choice.

May 4th and 5th, 2013: Mississauga, ON.: Mississauga Marathon  HM 10K http://www.mississaugamarathon.com/default.shtml Walking divisions in Half marathon and 10K; results posted separately; no separate awards.
May 5th, 2013: Toronto, ON.: Toronto Marathon  HM  http://www.torontomarathon.com/   The Half Marathon Walk begins at the same time as the Half Marathon and follows the same course. Results will be posted separately from the Run. There are no awards for the Half Marathon Walk division.”
May 5th, 2013: Cincinnati, OH: Flying Pig Marathon  HM  http://flyingpigmarathon.com/    “The Pig” is well-known for its walking divisions and  separate results – not clear about awards. There is a very generous time limitation.
May 11th, 2013: Eagle River, WI.: Journeys Marathon  HM http://www.eagleriver.org/journeys.asp  Actual 13.1 power walking division with separate results! Some time restrictions.
May 19th, 2013: Cleveland, OH.: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon  HM 10K 5K M  http://www.clevelandmarathon.com/Home/ Walking divisions in all races on the honour system; results are posted separately. Unsure about awards, but think not.
May 26th, 2013: Ottawa, ON.: Ottawa Marathon  HM 10K  http://www.runottawa.ca/ Walking divisions in Half marathon and 10K; results are posted separately. Unsure about awards, but think not.
May 18th, 2013 : South Lyon, MI: 5K (http://ssldl.info/bookntrilogy)  5K walking division with awards! Proceeds to the library system.

June 9th, 2013: St. Albans, UK: St. Albans Half Marathon  HM 5K http://www.stalbanshalfmarathon.co.uk/  Early start for walkers. Walking divisions in all races, but no timed results or awards in the walking divisions (?????). Still, always wanted to do this one!
June 22nd, 2013: Charlevoix, MI: Charlevoix Marathon  HM 10K 5K http://charlevoixmarathon.com/  Walking divisions in all races; results are posted separately. Unsure about awards, but think not. Looks like a beautiful course!
June: Mayo, Yukon: Mayo Midnight Half Marathon   HM  10K  http://www.mayomidnightmarathon.ca/  Had to throw this is in because it looked so cool! Walking division in half marathon and 10K; results are posted separately. Not sure about awards. Starts at 8 pm….and there have been bear sightings on previous races! Bucket list material?
June : Concord Twp, OH: Lake Health Half Marathon   HM http://www.northeastrunningclub.org/LakeHealth/RaceInfo.aspx –-separate half marathon division for walkers with early start; results posted separate from runners. Note: “The half marathon course is run on roads that will not be closed to traffic, with narrow shoulders, so safety is a major concern, especially for walkers that will be on the course longer.”

August 17th, 2013: Isle of Coll, Scotland, UK: Coll Half Marathon  HM 10K 5K http://www.collhalfmarathon.co.uk/index.php  Just had to throw this one in, LOL! Walking division in the half with separate results and incredible post-race dance and ceilidh! Me Want!

September 8th, 2013: Regina, SK.: Queen City Marathon  HM   http://www.runottawa.ca/ Walking division in Half marathon; results are posted separately. No awards. Looks like walkers are well-respected here!
September: Amherstburg, ON.: Run for Heroes  HM 10K 5K   http://www.runningflat.com/index2.html  Walking divisions in Half marathon, 10K and 5K; results are posted separately. Not sure about awards.
September: Granby, QC: Granby Half Marathon  HM 10K 5K   http://www.dmg.ca/Homepage%20english.html  Walking divisions in Half marathon, 10K and 5K; results are posted separately. May be awards for top three in race (walking); website not clear. The 5K Walk is a special Heart and Stroke Foundation race in which all proceeds go to that charity.
September: Green Bay, WI.: Communities First Fox Cities Marathon  HM 5K   http://www.foxcitiesmarathon.org/  Walking division in half marathon and 5K; results are posted separately. AWARDS!
*** September: Kitchener-Waterloo ON: Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic  HM 10K 5K  http://www.kwwalkingclassic.com/   Walking Only Competitive Event.  I repeat: Walkers…ONLY. Yeah!!!!
*** September: New Albany, OH: New Albany Walking Classic  HM 10K   http://www.newalbanywalkingclassic.com/event-info.html    Walking….Classic…..need I say more? Walkers only!!!!!

October 2oth, 2013: Detroit, MI: Detroit Free Press Marathon: HM  M(http://www.freepmarathon.com/events/half-marathon) –separate competitive walk division for both the full and half marathons, capped at 300 walkers for the half and 4,830 overall participants for the full! Honour system, but separate back bib indicating competitive walker. Pace restrictions do apply. Both an International (US/Canada) and US-only course for the half, but walkers only allowed on the International one due to “time restrictions”. No awards for walking division.

October 20th, 2013: Niagara Falls, ON.: Niagara Falls International MarathonHM http://niagarafallsmarathon.com/ Walking division in Half marathon; results are posted separately for the half. Special medal for half walk in 2012. No awards as it is not monitored.
October: Columbus, OH: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon: http://www.columbusmarathon.com/ –Absolutely one of the best for walkers, where we are treated with respect! Separate division, results and awards! A great experience all around.
October: Albuquerque, NM: Duke City Marathon: 20K 5K   http://www.dukecitymarathon.com/  –Separate races of 20K and 5K for walkers, with separate results. Course is along the paved Paseo del Bosque recreation trail.

November: Hamilton, ON: Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope  HM 10K 5K  http://hamiltonmarathon.ca/home/  Walking divisions with results posted separately. No awards. Some pace restrictions.


[These races welcome walkers, but don’t have separate divisions, results or awards. Some pace restrictions may apply]

Sunday, March 24th: Grosse Ile, MI: 5K http://www.outruncf.com/

April 7th: St. Louis, MO: Go! St. Louis Marathon Weekend, HM 10K 5K http://www.gostlouis.org/marathon-weekend/half-marathon.html walkers welcome, but there are time/pace restrictions.
April 13th: Dearborn, MI: Martian Marathon, HM 10K 5K (http://www.martianmarathon.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1) – half, 5K and 10K walker friendly.
April 13th: Abilene, KS: Eisenhower Marathon, HM 10K 5K http://www.eisenhowermarathon.com/ Are walkers allowed to enter the marathon? Yes, speed walkers are allowed and will be given finishers medals (or placing medals if they place among the top three) just like other marathoners.”
April 20th: Carmel, IN: Carmel Marathon, HM 8K M http://www.carmelmarathon.com/pages/home  –All races are walker friendly, but there are time limitations.
April 21st: Lawrence, KS: Kansas Half Marathon, HM 5K  http://www.kansashalfmarathon.com/ Racewalker friendly, but there are time limitations.
April 28th: Toledo, OH: Glass City Marathon, HM  http://www.glasscitymarathon.org/   –Walker friendly.
April: Gambier, OH: Earth Day Challenge, HM http://www.premierraces.com/earthday/edc2012.html –walker friendly.

May: Qunicy, Ill: Bridge the Gap to Health Half Marathon HM 5K http://www.quincymedgroup.com/bridgethegap/index.html  Walking divisions in Half marathon and 5K (competitive and leisure for 5K), but results not posted separately.
May 5th, 2013: Quebec City, QC: Quebec City International Half Marathon HM 10K http://www.couriraquebec.com/sites/demi-en.html Walking divisions in Half marathon and 10K, but results not posted separately.
May 12th: Sudbury, ON: 5K 10K HM M Sudbury Rocks!(http://www.sudburyrocksmarathon.com/event-information.html)  Walkers Are Enthusiastically Welcome. All races except the 8 person Marathon Relay are walker friendly.” Generous time restriction of 8 hours for full; early start.

May 18th: Kansas City, MO: 5K  HM  Go Girl! Women's Half Marathon
http://www.ultramaxtri.com/gogirlrun//gogirlrun_landing/gogirlrun_landing.html   Racewalkers welcome in both races. Some time restrictions may apply.
May 25th: Columbia, MO: 5K HM Go Girl! Women's Half Marathon http://www.ultramaxtri.com/gogirlrun//gogirlrun_landing/gogirlrun_landing.html Racewalkers welcome in both races. Some time restrictions may apply.

May 26th: Toronto, ON: 5K HM  Toronto Women's Half Marathon http://www.towomensruns.com/half_marathon.html Walkers welcome in both races. time restriction of 3:30 in the half.

June 2nd: Niagara Falls, ON:Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon   HM   http://www.nfwhm.com/index.php   "Walkers are outstanding athletes, setting and achieving goals. Not only are walkers welcome in the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon, but enthusiastically welcome. The red carpet is out. Please note the course time limit below [5 hours]. And, there will be no separate age group prizing for walkers." Byline to this race is "Wine, Women, Walk, Run".
July 1st (Canada Day): Moonbeam, ON: Moonbeam Run/Walk   HM  10K 5K http://www.coursemoonbeamrun.org/welcomeEN.html   Walk divisions in all races, but results not posted separately. Looks to be a nice, very small race and it’s FREE! Does include sections on a nature trail.

August: Quebec City, QC: SSQ Quebec City Marathon  HM 10K   http://www.couriraquebec.com/sites/marathon-en.html Walkers welcome for Half and 10K (also the full!), but results not separate.

August: Toronto, ON: Toronto Women's Runs 10K 5K  http://www.towomensruns.com/5k.html Walkers "encouraged to participate".Time limit of 1:40 for the 10K.

September: Thunder Bay, ON: Miles with the Giant HM 10K   http://www.thunderbaymarathon.com/ Walkers welcome for Half and 10K (including Nordic Walkers), but results not separate.
September: Ottawa, ON: Army Run HM 5K    http://www.armyrun.ca/   “Walkers are welcome in all events. The finish line will remain open until the last walker has crossed!”  Results not posted separately.
September:Rochester, MI: Brooksie Way HM  5K  http://www.thebrooksieway.com/Pages/default.aspx  Walkers are welcome in all events.  Results not posted separately. Active.com has selected the Brooksie Way to include in the article 11 Scenic Fall Half Marathons

October: Prince Edward County, ON: The County Marathon  HM http://www.countymarathon.ca/about/  The Half Marathon welcomes runners, walkers and wheeled athletes. However, for awards purposes there is only one Half Marathon Category (there is no longer a walking category). Awards are only given in the runners category.” Results not separate.
October: Wichita, KS: Prairie Fire Marathon  HM M http://www.prairiefiremarathon.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1  Walkers welcome; early start if in full.
October: Kansas City, MO: Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon  HM 5K http://www.waddellandreedkansascitymarathon.org/   Walkers welcome.
October: Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Marathon  HM http://www.indianapolismarathon.com/index.html   The Marathon and Half Marathon courses will remain open and supported for all participants maintaining the following paces: Half Marathon 17 minutes per mile, and Full Marathon 15 minutes per mile.” Walkers welcome.

October: Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon  HM 10K 5K 3K  http://www.somersault.ca/eventfallcolours.htm  “Walkers are welcome in Half Marathon or shorter races”.
October: Toronto, ON: Toronto Women's Runs 8K 5K http://www.towomensruns.com/5m_5k.html  Walkers "encouraged to participate".Time limit of 1:20 for the 8K.
November: Tulsa, OK: Williams Route 66 Marathon  HM 10K 5K 3K  http://route66marathon.com/   Walkers are welcome in all races.
November: Scottsdale, AR: Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon  HM  5K   http://womenshalfmarathon.com/scottsdale    “Can Walkers participate? Absolutely! The Women’s Half Marathon and 5K is for athletes of all speeds and sizes. Please note: Due to city road closure and traffic requirements, ALL participants MUST complete the half marathon within the 4 hour course time limit, and ALL 5K participants MUST complete the course within 1 hour. To finish within the course time limits you must maintain a pace of at least 18:00 minutes per mile (or faster).” Oh – and guys are welcome to participate, too, but overall and age group awards will go to the fastest women.
November: Springfield, MO: Conservation Marathon Weekend  HM  5K   http://fitness.basspro.com/    Apparently, if you can keep the pace, you can do the race.



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