Monday, 3 November 2014

Hasn't got the better of me yet....

Long time since an update, I know. Things are still in a bit of a state of flux as far as my disease goes, and the meds are still being tweaked and balanced and shuffled to get something resembling a form of clinical remission. It really is a disease of incredible ups and downs - I post that I'm doing great things (and I am - a wonderful train trip to California with some hiking on the coast, lots of work with the telescope, Iaido on a regular basis) and then things crumble away for a while and new "wonderful" little symptoms are added in to the mix. Still, read the title of this post. I do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day (mind you, it's walking or biking), not just for my physical well-being but also for my mental state. I also do flexibility and stretching exercises. I'm still not comfortable in this new body, even after a year and a half, probably because it changes so much on a regular basis; I feel like whatever state I'm in is always temporary.

I have been sewing with my machine - very interesting sword bags and kinchaku (traditional Japanese drawstring bags) from vintage kimono silk that I've been getting from Japan. They really are nice, if I do say myself, and have been quite popular with the folks at the dojo. Here are some examples of the sword bags:

I have also found a couple of new things that help me with various facets of my new physical reality. I've tweaked my bike with a new set of handlebars to help my wrists and shoulders as well as a new seat for my hips so I can actually ride outside now, not just on my indoor stationary recumbent; so my bike is ready just in time for the winter weather, LOL! But we did buy a bike rack for the car so this should expand my exercise choices a bit.

The drugs I'm on mess with your weight quite a bit, so I'm constantly vigilant when it comes to gain or loss. I have to be; every pound of extra weight puts four pounds of stress on my already stressed hip, knee and ankle joints. There is a great scale that really helps in this area, the CalPal Digital scale. You set it up with a user profile (we've put two into it, one for Mike and one for me and they both work great) giving height, gender, age, and activity level. It then recognizes you when you step on the scale and can show any loss or gain since the last time you stepped on it, calculates your BMI and shows the calorie intake necessary to maintain your current weight based on your user profile. You can then use this information to plan weight loss or maintenance. I really like it, and it has a very pleasing sleek, modern look:

I highly recommend this scale!...(and it's an incredibly good deal at Amazon, too: $35! Absolutely can't go wrong at that price!).

Guess that's all for now. I go back to both doctors next week for infusions and to have a lot of stuff checked, like blood glucose, etc., so hopefully I'll post when all that is done!