Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Walk to Fight Arthritis 2014

I've been looking forward to doing this national (Canadian) event for a few weeks now, since I'm in a somewhat better place health-wise than I was a year ago when first diagnosed, struggling through 1 km. It takes place in many communities across the country on the same day.
When we awoke this morning, it was raining....this was after days and days of perfect sunny, cool weather. Off we went, nevertheless. Mike had registered as well so he could walk with me as my support personnel, so to speak. I had a lot of donations again this year, and ended up 5th on the individual fundraising roster for the local walk! That was pretty cool, and many thanks to my thoughtful contributors! The funds are put to very good use and I have personally benefited from some of the funded programmes.

The organizers did a great job and everything ran smoothly. Here's the really incredible thing - the rain stopped literally 3 minutes before the walk began and started up again directly after the walk was done, so it was coolish and cloudy for the walk, which was actually quite pleasant. I managed 3 km before my joints could take no more pavement walking, but I'm pretty proud of that after the year I've had and the damage that RA has inflicted on my body.
In addition to the shirt design which I shared in a previous post, I also made a hat with the "alien invader" theme:

Believe me, it took some work and fancy methods to get those eyes to stand up comfortably on that hat!
Here's the back of the shirt in action:

You can also just see the Martian wristbands I had made.

Afterwards, lots of good food and friendly people:

I'm already looking forward to next year when my goal will be the full 5 km, providing the meds continue to work and no nasty side-effects sidetrack me. Y'all will have to cross your fingers for me 'cause mine no longer work that way, LOL!

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