Monday, 12 August 2013

SHHHH! Don't jinx it!

I've been a bit reluctant to write this post until I'm really sure that what I perceive happening is really happening. Two days ago I used a word I haven't used in what seems like a long, long time: "normal". I said, "The way I feel today I almost remember what it was like to be normal." I have waited a long time to say this, but I think the medication is working! It has been a long, slow gradual improvement, and then, two days ago, on Saturday, I realized I was slowly and methodically walking up and down the stairs in the "normal" fashion! I still have some very painful spots, particularly the right shoulder/neck/arm, left hand and right foot, all having swelling, acute joint pain and very limited range of motion. My knees and hips are still not normal, but the acute pain there has diminished so much that I am "walking" a km a day now. (I'm having to teach my body how to walk normally again). I've been able to cut back a bit more on pain meds, a good thing. I really only take them in the morning now, to kick back the dreaded morning stiffness (lasts a couple of hours for RA patients). My level of fatigue is still quite high; napping is de rigueur. I go for my monthly bloodwork tomorrow, and sincerely hope my liver and pancreas are able to tolerate the meds. If I had to stop them now......don't even go there...

Now I have to remember that true remission (as can be seen in cancer) is not attainable in RA, but clinical remission is, which means symptoms are diminished so much as to allow relatively normal function. Inflammation can still occur systemically. One never really weans off the meds, needing that support forever. Still, functioning relatively normally? That is like a dream come true!

So...keep this hush-hush. Don't jinx it! Fingers crossed! And hopefully I'll be telling you after my bloodwork is back that what I'm hoping is happening really is!


  1. How's it going? Are you doing better? I sure hope so.