Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Good Things I Have Learned from a Bad Disease

1. Nothing on the face of this planet can equal the care and support of a loving partner.
2. The kindness of friends, family and acquaintances is boundless.
 3. I am more adaptable than I thought I was.
4. Pain thresholds are mutable.
5. Taking things slowly and carefully is not a bad thing (coming from someone who used to do everything at Mach 4).
6. You CAN let go of some things that you previously thought were very important without regrets; regret can be a burden.
7. Hopefully I AM a bit tougher than I thought I was; keep this image in mind: 
8. Asking for help is not admitting defeat.
9. The fine art of napping is not a lost art.
10. Finding out what truly defines who we are is exciting, even at this late date.
11. Small victories are not necessarily small.
12. Never, ever lose your sense of humour. The monster shrinks in the face of laughter.

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