Friday, 12 April 2013

Like a Bolt from the Blue

Yes, folks, it's very sad but unfortunately very true: although registered for the half, both Aloysius and I will be unable to do the race this year due to injury (first time in three years we've missed!). With my knee swollen to the size of a Martian moon and still waiting on the results from x-rays and an MRI, I won't be doing much more than hobbling around for a while, popping Ibuprofen (the word "cartilage" has been bandied about, but who knows at this point). Poor Al - he got the ricochet! We want to wish everyone participating tomorrow the very best of times - fleet feet, injury-free and PR all the way! We'll be with you in spirit every step of the way; us and our bags of frozen peas. And, if you hit a slump, think of Al flashing you a Vlabgrot and stick with it!



  1. Oh no! Not the knee :(

    Healing thoughts heading north.

    1. Thanks, Scott! I know you have experience with knee problems, so can empathise - not as much as Al, though, I hope. He'll be back; it's hard to keep a good Martian down.