Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Farewell to Earth pt. 1

Al will be leaving Earth tomorrow to embark on his 5-month journey to the Orion Nebula for the Trapezium Triathlon. Hopefully his knee will heal nicely in suspended animation and we'll see him back here next year fit as a fiddle for the Martian 2014!!

We took him to Slow's in Detroit for a farewell party:

Checking out the cask ale tap.

It was all just too much for the little guy. That's a lot of beer for a small Martian taking painkillers.

Now he needs to get his bags packed and his travel documents in order:

...and we'll wave a fond farewell to our overly-sensitive little friend. Tune in tomorrow for his launch!

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BTW, this is the 100th post of Walkin' Fool!



  1. Too cute! Hope Al is back to running soon!!

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