Friday, 18 January 2013

Vegan Energy Nuggets

Okay - I had promised to update my exploration into Pseudo-Larabars, so here it is! These are the go-to snack here now, and really delicious. Originally based on an attempt to make a homemade version of Larabars, these evolved into something unique. I don't measure stuff when I cook, so hopefully you'll get a good result if you decide to try these.


Raw almonds (maybe a cup to a cup and a half?)
Pressed dates (I get these at the local Freshco. Just pure dates already pureed for you; sold in a solid little brick.)
Dried tart cherries (unsweetened)
Dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice)
Raw pumpkin seeds
Pure cocoa
Instant coffee (I use Starbuck's Via Dark Italian Roast)
Pure hemp protein powder
Raw hemp seeds
Ground chia seed
Unsweetened coconut (if desired)
Pure vanilla

Warm 1/2 package of the pressed dates slightly in the microwave to make them malleable. BE CAREFUL! They can get quite hot in the centre. Chop almonds and pumpkin seeds in a food processor. Place in a bowl with the dates. Chop cherries and cranberries (as many as you want) in the processor and add. Throw in a couple of tablespoons of hemp powder, about 1/3 cup cocoa (or to taste), two little packs of Via coffee, the chia, coconut and vanilla to taste. Make sure your hands are scrupulously clean! Start mushing and kneading everything together with your hands (CAUTION: make sure that the dates didn't get too hot in the microwave!!!!!) You may need to add a very little bit of water to make it a good consistency. You want it quite thick, but not dry. Roll into balls (pingpong ball size or smaller) and store in fridge. YUM!

All of these ingredients are up to you - the only really basic ones you need are the almonds and dates to keep the consistency right. Most of the ones I use add some health and/or energy/workout benefits. Experiment with flavours!

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