Thursday, 27 September 2012

Seeing is Believing!


Those of you who are, like me, beginning to advance in years know that one's eyesight changes fairly rapidly. Mine is no exception. On a daily basis I wear rather hefty progressive multifocals. This can be a bother when doing a race or a longish workout, or even an intense short workout for that matter, expecially if it's sunny. Glasses slide down your nose when you're sweaty (especially if you have clip-on sunglasses on them) and prescription sunglasses are priced through the roof. I had found a great solution (which I commented on in a previous post) in bifocal sunglasses.
Dewalt DPG59-220C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal 2.0 Smoke Lens High Performance Protective Safety Glasses with Rubber Temples and Protective Eyeglass Sleeve
The ones I use are from Dewalt: they have ample coverage, don't slip and weigh next to nothing. They have a bifocal insert (in varying strengths) so you can read your Garmin or actually see something up close. Now don't get me wrong: I LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses, and I still use them faithfully, but I'm finding that as my distance vision worsens I like to have a clear view of what is going on around me. When I first started thinking about this, I came across the idea of getting prescription glasses online for a tiny fraction of what they cost at the optician. Such a small price, in fact, that it was worth it to try it out. If they were horrible, I wasn't out too many pazoozles. I did some research, poked around and then dove in.
These are my present "fashion" everyday glasses, from my optician:

I love them and their funky little "laces", but they are quite heavy and slide all over the place when I perspire, so off I went:

First step: go to my eye doctor and get a copy of my present prescription. Yes, they have to give it to you and no, it doesn't cost anything and yes, they were nice about it.
Second step: I surfed through various companies. I ended up with Goggles4U just because they had the best price and took Paypal. I went for something extremely basic, very lightweight and versatile (glasses plus magnetic shades that fit them exactly so I could use them on cloudy or sunny days). I chose progressives (which were more expensive than lined bifocals, but only by about $4). Not at all fashionable, but this was a test.
Third step: loaded everything into the info pages, followed their instructions and clicked "Pay".

Then I waited. Yes, they took long, but not too much longer than some opticians take.

Told ya they were basic!

Pay no attention to the lady in the lenses.

They are lightweight, don't slip and best of all: I can clearly see what's out there! The prescription was right on. They also came with a hard case and a nifty little compact repair set.

Total damage? $38 including shipping. So now I'm going to get a dedicated pair of prescription sunglasses with slightly funkier frames but still lightweight. I might just go with the lined bifocals as they won't bother me much for what I'll be using these glasses for. You can also get several pairs of everyday fashion glasses to change up instead of just being stuck with your daily pair - cool, huh?
You can sometimes get deals on top of their everyday low prices, so it's worth it to check.

Bottom line? Do it.

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