Saturday, 1 September 2012

Adventures of a Flatlander Pt 2 - the hikes!

This was our 31st hiking trip to New Mexico! We never tire of the varied landscape.
Here is a summary of the hikes we did. Not as much distance as usual, but a LOT more elevation, some with a heavy load. I'll follow the chart with some pics and a bit more info, rather than full descriptions of every hike.  Almost all of the pics are by Mike.

Name of hike/trail
Elevation (ft.)
Elevation (ft.)
Distance (mi.)
Gain (ft.)
Big Arsenic Spring
6,755 (descent) and then back up
-down into the Rio Grande Gorge and back up
-incredibly well-built trail
Guadalupe Mtn.
-great trail and views
-out and back
Cerro Vista/
Cerro Olla
-amazing views and open areas at top of peaks and along ridge
Serpent Lake
-up to a beautiful lake nestled in the bowl of an alpine ridge
-did this ascent with our outback camping gear (a 25 lb. pack)
-stayed overnight
Devisadero Peak
-almost an urban hike, overlooking Taos, NM
-very cool “stone chairs” built by hikers at the top!
Rio Grande/
Red River Confluence
6,598 (again, a descent into the gorge and back up)
-another hike at “Wild Rivers Recreation Area”, down to the gorge and then to where the Rio Grande meets the Red River and back.

Big Arsenic Spring is in the Wild Rivers Recreation Area near Questa New Mexico. It's a spectacular place overlooking the Rio Grande and Red River gorges. Beautifully maintained, breathtaking campsites and lots of cow-less hiking trails make this one of my new favourite places!

Incredible view of the gorge, with well-constructed trail on right.

Sunrise on the gorge, from our campsite!
Just a fingernail of a moon the first night.
Beautiful place to practice Iaido!

There were several areas of petroglyphs down by the rio.
We stayed three nights at Sipapu ski and summer resort - a beautiful mountain getaway with incredible summer rates, access to many hiking trails and disc golf! Cerro Vista/Cerro Olla were near here. Beautiful area!

The intrepid voyager
Mountain Man!

View across the ridge.

We packed up our camping gear and headed up to Serpent Lake, with the intentions of climbing higher the second day. Due to a water filter problem, we had to postpone the second day of camping. The night we spent up there was memorable, however: cold and incredibly windy, with elk calling in the evening.
The pack mule! (I do not do well with this much weight to carry, I must admit!)

Home Sweet Home at Serpent Lake.
Morning looking very Scottish!

Devisadero Peak is a popular hike on the outskirts of Taos, NM. At the top are stone chairs built by hikers, and a large cairn to which you can add your own rock - much better than graffiti!

Chillin' on the chairs!

Couldn't resist it! Have to admit it's not a very comfortable hiking stance, LOL!
Back at Wild Rivers, we did a different hike down to where the Rio Grande and the Red River meet. Beautiful place!...but quite a queasy climb back up!

Seriously - I have to climb back up there!!!????!!!!

The moon was growing towards gibbous by this time.

Our anniversary is almost always during our hiking trip. This year for our 36th, Mike got me this beautiful Zuni fetish in the shape of a tortoise. Love it!


 Farewell to NM until next time!

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  1. Fantastic! What a great trip, what a great place to hike. Think I need to add NM hiking to my bucket list!