Sunday, 5 August 2012

Of heels, software and Olympic drama.

I've been using my Schwinn 810 GPS for a while now (see the original post, New Cheap GPS Watch ) and thought I should update my comments on it. First off, I still love this watch. For what I'm using it for (everyday training) it's perfect. The heartrate monitor seems to work well, too. The software which came with it is, as I said before, basic, but useful, and it works fine on my Acer withWindows 7: however, it often tallies weekly totals incorrectly.  Since I save the files as .tcx and upload the info to Map My Run, this isn't really an issue as MMR totals things nicely. I have run into a bit of a problem, though. I've found that any laps more than 9 will upload out of order on MMR (usually right after the first lap). As long as you are aware of this problem, you can still use the info easily, and the laps are organised correctly on the included software. So, as long as you use the software and MMR in tandem and realise the shortfalls of each, you can get all the pertinent info you need.
Now here's an important tip for when you are downloading info to the computer from the watch (making very sure that you have the contact pins completely engaged on the USB clamp; this can be tricky for us with less than perfect eyesight!): after the info has been stored in the program and it prompts you to delete the info on the watch, DO SO!!!! Otherwise, your downloads will take really long. I believe it downloads everything on the watch every time. Cleaned out, the download is very quick.


On to other topics. All of you racewalkers out there know how hard you are on the heels of your favourite racing shoes, and shoes ain't cheap. When mine wore right down, I took them to a shoe repair place which happened to also be a shoe and bootmaker. They put new heels on my shoes and volia! I've had them do this a couple of times already as the uppers are still good. Costs about $15...a LOT cheaper than new shoes.

He is also an "authorized Vibram certified shoemaker" and assured me that he can replace the entire sole when needed (which will be next time as you can see the toe wear). As long as my uppers last, this is what I'm going to do. I wear quite hefty prescription orthotics in my shoes which, oddly enough, keep the interiors from wearing down quickly.


I watched the men's 20K Olympic walk yesterday, streamed to my laptop (check out the CTV site - they stream everything!) and was glued to the monitor! It's amazing watching these guys in action. Of course, my pet peeve (lifting) was very evident in the slo-mo replays, but what can ya do? Not sure if you saw it, but Valeriy Borchin, the reigning world champion, collapsed with less than a km to go. He was taken away by ambulance and it did not look good. I've been trying to find out how he is to no avail. If anyone has info, please email me!
The results were:

1. Chen Ding, China (1:18:46 - Olympic Record)
2. Erick Barronda, Guatemala (1:18:57)
3.Wang Jhen, China (1:19:25)

Near the end, Chen Ding just took off and was obviously enjoying himself, slapping five with the spectators as he approached the final leg of the race. Quite an athlete, that fellow.
Barrondo seemed to come up out of nowhere at one point. He had great style, reminiscent of Perez. Also reminiscent of Perez was the fact that this was the first ever medal for his country! He had a great message to the youth of his country about choosing training shoes over weapons.

Canadian Inaki Gomez came 13th and American Trevor Barron came 26th.

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