Saturday, 28 July 2012

To tape or not to tape? (Pt. 2)

For those of you who recall, last February I wrote about McConnell taping and how I was using it on my left knee in To tape or not to tape?   I thought it was about time to report back on how it has been working for me.

Remember, knees are tricky and individual things not to be trifled with, so don't try this taping method just because you feel like it or because you have a twinge in your knee.  Have your health and wellness practitioner assess your unique situation to ascertain if this method will help you before proceeding.

Using this taping method has been a really positive experience for me. I no longer have those sporadic tooth-numbing aches in my knee, and it feels like there is more balance between my knees (if you read that previous post, you will know why this is a big deal for me). Necessary surgery many years ago had left my left knee a bit of a mess. So, I thought I'd give ya'll a step-by-step photo story on how I tape my knee.

There are certain items you wil need, like:
Hypafix is an under-layer to protect your skin. Leukotape is rigid sprots tape containing latex.
Both of these are available at medical supply stores. They were quite expensive around here.

I subsequently bought some nicely coloured rigid sports tape that uses zinc oxide adhesive, has no latex and just looks cool. Get this from the Americo company: (they have great prices in their eBay shop!!!!!)
Update (Sept.10/2012): this coloured tape does not stick very well. Use the more expensive Leukotape.

Good old scissors: have one pair that you use just for this as the glue on the tape can make the blades a bit gummy eventually.

First, make sure that your skin is clean and dry - no lotions or anything. You want that tape to stick! Stretch out your leg so it is straight.
(Your knees may vary - in fact, for your sake, I hope your knees DO vary!)

Cut a piece of hypafix that will cover the kneecap.

Stretch this as you apply it and smooth down edges really well.

I'll say it again: "This is for the LEFT KNEE!"

This step is only if needed according to your specific knee problems. Again, have your health provider assess your needs.

Yes, seriously! Three days at least, even showering frequently. In fact, it is much easier to remove after a couple of days. Here's one three days old (using the Leukotape):

And that's all, folks!

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