Thursday, 19 July 2012

Something's Gotta Give 2

See previous post, "Something's Gotta Give" for background on this "loss of contact" issue and my rantings about it. Every now and then, Mike (my husband) and I mull this problem over and he came up with what he thought was a possible solution or facet thereof:

At various undisclosed places around the track, video cameras in boxes would be set up at ground level, including many dummy cameras. Racers would have numbers on their lower legs (written on, like in triathlons). The cameras would take video and winners/times would not be disclosed until the footage had been analysed in slo-mo.

PROS: Objective; "dummy" cameras would mean that racers didn't know which cameras were actually filming for that particular race; no arguing with the technology.

CONS: very cost and time-prohibitive; waiting for results; time records would be slower than usual as racers became more careful about technique; some racers may be obscured due to position on the field.

Ah, least it's an idea.

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