Friday, 1 June 2012

Vegan camping food

I'm not one to cook gourmet foods out on a backpacking trip - it just seems counterintuitive to pack all of that stuff (both ingredients and utensils) and then end up cooking (yet again) some big meal. It is, however, difficult to find anything better than noodle cups when it comes to vegan food. Until now, that is. Here are some really cool finds - mind you, I haven't tried any of them yet, but will in August when I shall report back to y'all! If anyone out there has tried them, please tell me!
If you are a vegan (or anyone concerned with what you put into your body) I'm sure you read all ingredients lists and labels scrupulously anyway, so these will give you a place to start. These folks have a unique cook-in-the-pouch design that uses no foil, so it can be burned afterwards. Only some of the meals are vegan, so check the ingredients first, but I believe most if not all are organic. Only a few vegan choices here, like the oatmeal and some of their "Two-person serving items; vegetarian"; again, check ingredients. You have to check the ingredients again, but many of these meals are vegan, EXCEPT that they use a lot of TVP as a "meaty" ingredient and personally my system doesn't like TVP much (read between the lines: intestinal upset; not great on a backpacking trip, LOL!).
Happy backpacking!

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