Sunday, 17 June 2012

Great Free Video Analysis Program for Athletes

There are a lot of excellent vid analysis programs out there for use by coaches and athletes, but they are usually quite expensive. Here is an excellent open source program that works great in a lot of applications - Kinovea . I have just done a few preliminary explorations into this, and am very pleased. I used a short clip of me, loaded it into Kinovea and played around a bit:

[Please pay no attention to my bad walking form on these videos - that's what they were all about, pinpointing parts of technique needing work!]

This one shows how you can track various body parts as they move through space. If you want to really use this properly, use a bright or fluorescent sticker on the part you wish to track as it will pick it up easier. I also added the stopwatch.

The next example shows how you can pause the video to present some analysis midstream (watch the whole video for the analysis at about 4 seconds in):

You can compare two videos (this obviously works better if you have the same sequence from two different camera angles, which I didn't have):

 [You can also superimpose two attempts at a task with the same background. I'll try it later this week once I've shot some more video]

Capturing single frames from the videos is easy:

I can't wait to try out all the other features of this program! I`ll report back when I`ve explored it further!

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