Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Treading Lightly

Call it what you like - dreadmill, conveyer-belt-to-nowhere or hamster wheel, I like using my treadmill. I realize I am in an extreme minority here, but it won't be the first time! So now I guess I have to qualify and justify the statement that I like that instrument of torture!

Firstly, you can't just get on a treadmill and go for x number of minutes or miles; that would be brain-numbing. LSDs just don't work so well on it. However, interesting workouts that change up every few minutes really do work well. HIIT, incline work and even shorter tempo walks all work great on the 'mill. A must is having another source of entertainment as you use the treddie: my little basement "gym" is outfitted with a small TV hooked into my satellite dish and equipped with large, very comfortable headphones with great sound quality. There is also a DVD player hooked into this. That comes in very handy when doing stationary biking because I have these great discs of real-time bike rides through beautiful scenery like parks in Arizona, etc., but also for somes walks because I also have discs of real-time walks in England, complete with the natural sounds of birds, etc. I've found if you don't allow yourself to watch a favourite TV show unless you're on the treddie is good incentive!

I like the freedom of not having to drive somewhere to start my workout, not having to worry about dressing for the weather [or weather conditions themselves] or finding an open restroom if needed!

However, I realize doing all of my workouts on the treddie is not a good idea. One needs to be able to racewalk in different weather conditions and through different terrain, and I do a lot of workouts outside. I'm just sayin' that I don't hate my treddie. Now dangle that carrot in front of me.

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