Friday, 23 March 2012

Tweaking the Training Chart

Coming up to the end of the first 4-microcycle period of my Intensification Phase and have found the need to tweak the chart I developed for use. I needed a bit more room to write anecdotal notes about the workouts, as well as some other improvements, so I made a new chart for each 4-microcycle period rather than having both of them on the same page. I am finding the program I worked out itself quite good and have been keeping on track. The 10-day microcycle was a brainstorm: it has flexibility with its two back-to-back easy days (so I can flip a hard and easy day if need be, depending on what day of the week things fall on), and it gives me the ability to fit all the different types of workouts I want into one timeframe. Here is the new chart, followed by some brief comments on the changes I made:

-there is a place at the top near the title for date and duration of phase
-small blue boxes in each cell for day of the week (that really helps with keeping track)
-small black boxes in each cell for daily mileage
-gray boxes in the date column for projected weekly LSD distance
-description in the mileage column to outline weekly mileage goal and the actual mileage
-a brief description on the hard days of the type of workout (this can change as time goes on)

A lot of these improvements aid in planning the upcoming microcycle (particularly mileage and intensity), but mostly, as I said before, this gives me more room to write.

I also have largish printouts of my actual timed workouts (intervals, Yasso 800s, incline) that I hang by my treadmill. They need to be large so I can actually see them when on the treddie (aging eyes, you know)! These I can tweak on the computer as time goes on and need arises, but I also keep all of the older ones as they are helpful at the beginning of a training phase. Needless to say, I don't have a programmable treddie, and I find the programs that came with it woefully inadequate, so this regulated manual approach works for me.

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