Sunday, 4 March 2012


Thought I'd pop in with a few bits and pieces that have no relationship to each other at all (kind of how my brain works...random ).

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First, food stuff:

For those of you who love roasted garlic but are strapped for time, here's an amazing tip I found in a dusty corner of cyberspace somewhere: you can microwave it! And it only takes one to one and a half minutes as opposed to over an hour in the oven. It's true! I've been doing it this way for a while now. Now obviously you can't use foil if you're going to nuke it. I use my old tried and true garlic roaster:

Here's the lovely garlic before. Trim off the top and discard any loose papery skin. I also add a bit of olive oil and fresh ground pepper before covering it and zapping it. It comes out like this:

Yummy, no? While not quite as carmelized as those done in the oven, the cloves are "sweet" and soft. I not only put them on bread and crackers, but add the whole roasted cloves to my stirfries, etc.


The next tip is a gadget I bought a while ago and just started to use today. It's a little pump spray bottle for oil so you don't have to buy those nasty aerosol ones:

I got mine from my Avon Lady. You can add any kind of oil to it. Pump the top, remove and spray. Nifty!

And for my final word from the kitchen today, here is a pic of sweet chocolatey healthy goodness: PL Mocha Macaroons:

These are just too good.....

Next time from the kitchen I just might be persuaded to share an amazing vegan and gluten-free waffle recipe. Simply the best waffle of any kind I have come across!

And Now in Other News:

Check this out: instead of subscribing to Women's Adventure Magazine for $20 plus shipping for 4 issues, get it free online here:
Create a free account, read the recent issue and all of the past issues! Amendment: It actually appears that you don't need an account to read the online issues. Just access them at the addy above. The ads and articles are clickable, so you don't have to dog-ear your mag to look up things later! I'm thinking that's how they can offer the mag in this format, because the ads are right there and usable. Advertising rules the publishing world, after all. I just finished reading two issues and will get on to the others soon. 

Our Hennessy Hammock came in this week, but it's been too darned cold and windy to go out and set it up. I'm really excited to try it out, and will post when we finally get around to it. Related to this, we've started planning our annual August New Mexico backpacking adventure (helps get us through the winter doldrums), and are hoping that these hammocks will lighten our load in the backcountry. Also looking into the Steripen for water purification. In New Mexico, you need a fair bit of water while hiking, and I carry a large Camelbak reservoir while Mike goes for bottles and collapsible containers. Still, on really long hikes and overnights you will need to use water sources out there if available. We've been using a very powerful filter, but I'm still kind of paranoid since water quality continues to deteriorate the more people and critters are out there in the bush. The Steripen uses UV to get rid of everything the filter does (giardia, crypto, some bacteria, etc.) plus bacteria and viruses. Although viruses aren't really a huge issue in the water here in North America (they are in other countries), I still go by the "better safe than sorry" mantra. That's me - suspenders AND a belt.


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