Friday, 30 March 2012

The End of the Gluten-free Experiment...

...and the interesting results. Those of you who actually read this blog will remember that I started a gluten-free cleansing in late January, following this restricted diet very scrupulously for eight weeks, searching for answers to mild-to-moderate digestive upset. After a nasty detox period, I started feeling pretty darned good, then slowly worsening again. Up and down, up and down, etc. Anyway, the goal was to completely cleanse my body then re-introduce gluten to see if it was the culprit. Apparently, it wasn't. Re-introduced gluten this past week with no (worse than usual) ill-effects. Although I didn't find the diet particularly difficult to follow (being a vegan, I'm already used to working with a restrictive diet), going back to gluten is fine as I don't have to be as worried eating out, etc. I am glad that I did the test, though, as at least I know gluten is not the problem. Right now, I'm thinking it's just good old-fashioned aging and the wonderful changes that occur going through menopuase. I passed all of my medical tests with flying colours (in fact, my doctor and his nurse were surprised at them, and asked if I've been training - truth be told, I was wearing one of my marathon shirts at the time, LOL!, but you can't argue with a BP of 100/65, which I was told is where athletes' BP rests!). My blood work still needs to come back. I know now that some of my digestive isues are due to iron supplements prescribed for perimenopause issues. Ah, well. If this is the worst it gets, I'm doing just fine, ladies and gentlemen; just fine, indeed.


  1. Excellent! 100/65 wow!

    Keep it up...

    celebrate with pint or two :)