Sunday, 12 February 2012

There are training cycles and then there are Training Cycles.....

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been doing a lot of research, reading and pondering on training theory and training practice as my Intensification phase (or meso-cycle) approaches. I've amalgamated my findings into a chart of the macro-cycle for a half-marathon goal which kind of gels everything for me and makes it easy to comprehend. I decided to go to a 10-day micro-cycle as this incorporates the hard day/easy day ratio I need better than the usual 7-day outline. 8 of these microcycles is about 12 weeks. Not everyone can accomodate this type of micro-cycle due to weekly commitments, however.
I've hesitated sharing this outline as people tend to take these things as carved in stone and/or ultimate wisdom, which it most certainly is not. I did finally decide to share, however, in case you find it at all useful, although the caveat is, of course, that this was developed for my own needs from various sources and might not work for you. Please don't use it then scream at me because you didn't PR at the race or because you injured yourself or jumped in doing something too strenuous without your doctor's approval, LOL!!!!!! Also, please note that VO2 max training (in the "Intensification" phase) should only be undertaken by experienced walkers/runners, and then with extreme caution.

Now I'll take those 8 10-day microcycles and fit them into a chart for use:

Please note that the entire mesocycle ("Intensification Phase") is divided into two chunks of four micro-cycles each. This is to accommodate the "micro-cycle" pattern outlined in the chart above, something I wanted to try.

The type of workout is listed at the top (defined in the first chart), with a small box for mileage in each day-box. The divided "Mileage" box at the beginning of each micro-cycle will be for goal/actual or mileage/% or any other configuration you might want.

I'm going to use this training plan for my upcming half in May and will report back as to its usefulness at that time. I'm sure it will need tweaking or maybe even perhaps a complete overhaul, but I like the look of this as it stands. Took me quite a while to develop it, with my own goals in mind.

Had to add this for Scott:

"Well, Gilligan, it's really quite simple...."


  1. When I look at your set up - I feel like Gilligan going into the professor's hut, looking at the professor's new experiment set up... :)

  2. "Well, Gilligan, it's really quite simple...", LOL!

    Which I guess leads to the age-old question - Ginger or Mary-Ann?