Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hammock Camping and Hiking

Being avid backcountry hikers and campers, we're always looking at tweaking our gear. We had particularly been thinking of an ultralight tent for multi-day hikes, but then you also have to have some king of underpad and sleeping bag (at least I do - think Princess and the Pea, LOL!), which simply makes for too much gear. I came across the concept of hammock camping quite by accident, and after much research have ordered a Hennessy Expedition to try out in the back yard before we actually use it in the field this summer.

expedition hammock

The cool thing is that it's your own individual tent, bug screen, rain fly and bed (also can be used as a camp chair) and is easy to pack and carry (weight is important when you're out there!). With the "snakeskins" (a kind of sleeve that they easily roll into), you can even hook it on the outside of your pack. They're supposed to be very comfortable to sleep on (pressure points are murder after a hard day of hiking).

You can check out the specs on this model here  (scroll down to our model). While you're there, check out the info on hammock camping. Once it has arrived and we learn how to use it, I'll report back with some pics!

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  1. For now, at best, I'm a day hiker. So I don't typically think beyond that - but you never know... I will be curious how this works for you and if it is worth the purchase.