Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Gluten-free experiment, Part 2

It has been 10 days since I have eliminated gluten from my diet. I can now confidently call the "Customer Service" numbers on packaging to check if products are gluten free, LOL! Really, it is "hidden" everywhere...ever check the ingredients in soy sauce?

I did discover (the hard way) that kicking wheat out of your diet causes detox and withdrawal symptoms if you have an intolerance???? That was fun. I felt great the first day of The Plan (Sunday, January 29th). Then my original issues got even worse than they had been before. I felt like doo-doo. I seriously questioned the validity of this, but also felt that I needed to stick with it at least two weeks (shorter than the original three week plan, but about all I could hack at this point). That's when I found out about getting all of the nasty stuff out of your system (can you Google "gluten-free detox"?). So I continued feeling, well, "under the weather", shall we say (a genteel Victorian understatement if ever there was one). Suddenly, on Saturday the 4th everything cleared up completely! I felt better than I have for a long, long, long time. Sunday ditto, etc.. I guess it's true that anything worth doing is worth sticking to (honestly, I do know that a mere week isn't much to suffer through - unless you're the one doing the suffering and questioning your sanity).  Turns out I was lucky. Talked to a friend last night and he suffered for 5 weeks with detox before he finally just went back to gluten. He said his symptoms with it were better than those without.  Obviously, his sensitivity to gluten was a lot stronger than mine.

Now, I've been making my own quick breads (not that I eat a lot of that stuff anyway) and have discovered a whole world of interesting flours! Different pastas that actually taste better than the whole wheat ones I had been using. We already ate a lot of rice, quinoa, amaranth, etc., so no change there. I've even found some decent gluten-free beer! Feels good!

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