Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gentlemen, They Will Rebuild Her

A little over a month ago, Coach Carmen Jackinsky gave me some really great advice - to go to a Physiotherapist to get a wellness assessment. This turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I have received as a walker. I did my research and found Loaring Physiotherapy about a half hour from my place ( The description sounded like the place I was looking for - they specialized in sports medicine and even sponsored a local thriathlon! I made an appointment with PT Steve (he's the guy smiling in the picture on their website). The assessment went great - Steve knows his stuff! He pinpointed exactly the muscle weaknesses and imblanaces which would cause problems down the road as I upped my training, then he and kinesiologist Sharon proceeded to give me exactly the exercises I needed to correct the problem areas. These are not in-your-face beef-me-up kinds of things, but subtle balancing strength-knitting things that will last a lifetime. I went back for three followups in the three following consecutive weeks, adding to my repertoire of hip/quad/balance exercises, getting some deep core work and learning how to tape my knees so my pattella would track correctly. Now I have my work to do! I'll go back in a couple of months for a tuneup, and will likely take a block of visits later in the year for additional deep core work. The great thing to know is that my "team" is there for me. Gentlemen, they will rebuild her - better, stronger!

Thanks Coach Carmen, Steve and Sharon!!!!

Now all I need are some cool bionic sound effects and my own theme song.......

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