Saturday, 18 February 2012

Farewell to Beorn....

I tend to anthropomorphise inanimate objects. For instance, all of our vehicles have had names and, IMHO, "person"alities. We bought Beorn (named after Tolkien's man/bear from The Hobbit), a 2005 VW Touareg, in 2006, so got a pretty good deal. It's an amazing vehicle - drives like a luxury car, with that level of interior comfort and amenities, but tackles nasty off-road driving like it was born to it (which it is!). Beorn took us on many amazing adventures in New Mexico and all of the states between here and there. We stored him in the winter so as to keep him in good shape for the Spring-Autumn expeditions. With an SUV tent, he was tranformed into a two-room camper, or he could just carry everything we needed for regular tent camping. Six years of use puts wear on any vehicle, and our extended warranty was coming up. We knew that sometime in the near future brakes would have to be redone, and who knows what else. It was with great sadness that we traded Beorn in this week. He was in such great shape that we got a really good trade-in deal and leased a 2012 VW Tiguan off-road (it's a smaller SUV than the Touareg).

"Little Bear"
It ("Little Bear") is also a great vehicle, but there will only be one Beorn. Here's a little pictorial tribute to him:

The "SUV tent"

Sunrise at Lackey Point

Sacred Mountain

Happy Trails, old friend.......