Thursday, 9 February 2012

Back in the Kitchen!

Just finished eating up the last batch of PLbars. That flavour was one I call Mocha-Macaroon (to the basic dough I added Starbucks Columbian Via, fairtrade cocoa and coconut). They were so delicious - just like the chocolate macaroons my Granny used to make when I was a tot (only probably a whole lot healthier!). I bought a mini-processor today (for $8 on sale!) and used it for my new batch. Worked like a charm for everything! I didn`t have to add any water to process the dates (so they were less gooey) and the nuts were chopped ever so perfectly. Today`s batch I call Peanut Butter Cup. To the basic dough of dates and nuts I added organic natural peanut butter and more fairtrade cocoa - I admit it, I`m a bit of a chocoholic, but only unsweetened pure choco. I also added a bit of pure vanilla). They`re in the fridge firming up, but of course I cleaned the bowl. Got another winner there, folks!

Right now, there`s a pot of soup stock simmering on the stove (nothing much goes to waste around here, LOL!) and two loaves of gluten-free dairy-free cornbread (from a mix) in the oven. Smelling good around the Walkin` Fool Homestead right about now!

In other news, I`ve been revamping my training schedule as my Intensification Phase looms ahead. Been reading a LOT on both theory and practice. Don`t have to tweak too much, but did come up with a good basic plan based on various sources and am now working on a specific chart for 4-week cycles. Although these are both tailored to me and my needs, I`ll share them in a future post in case somebody might find them useful.

It was another gorgeous day around here today, so was outside walking. What happened to winter.....

Happy Walking!

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