Monday, 9 January 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes again!

Okay - so I promised an update on the Re/shod shoes. My original pair (see "Shoes, shoes, shoes" on Sunday, Jan. 8th) brought me a PB (Personal Best, not Peanut Butter) at the Columbus Marathon Competitive Walking Half in October, including an award plaque for second place in my age/gender division. You can't get much better than that out of shoes! I seemed to roll long, getting more and more comfortable and fast as the race progressed.
No aches or pains, all toenails intact, etc.! Seldom have I felt so "in control" of my pace and results...and I feel I owe a LOT of that to the shoes.

I recently ordered another pair, using a grey version of the same uppers. This way I'll have a pair for training and a pair for racing, they can dry out between training sessions and I won't be without shoes!  As you know if you read the previous installment on shoes, my unique foot and structural demands mean that I can't use racing flats, so after finding uppers that worked for me, Carmen Jackinsky of Re/shod shoes ( worked her magic on the soles.

Here are some comparison photos:

Quite a different profile, all the way through the heel to the toe! But the real difference, the clincher for me, is the heel height and width:

This eliminates the "braking" effect the flanged heel of the original shoe had.
The soles, too, aid in rolling through the stride:

So, again, many thanks to Carmen for making my fast walking possible!

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