Sunday, 22 January 2012

Olympic Trials Today!

Just popping in quickly to remind all of our racewalking fans out there that the US 50km Olympic Racewalking trials are being held today near San Diego.  As many of you know, this particular event is only open to men. [Women can compete in the 20km].  In a weird twist, however, officials are allowing a woman to compete in the trials:  Erin Taylor-Talcott. "As the only female on the starting line, Taylor-Talcott will walk with the men, but is unable to qualify for the Olympics because the 50 km race walk is not offered to women."  You can read about it here’s-best-to-compete-at-U-S--Olympic-Team-Tri.aspx . Still, all the best to the men competing today and a special "thank-you" to Erin for persevering in getting her foot in the door, so to speak. You can read about it here’s-best-to-compete-at-U-S--Olympic-Team-Tri.aspx

Later today, check out the results here:

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