Monday, 23 January 2012

More Olympic Walkin' Info

How the Olympic Team is chosen:
The selection for the Canadian racewalk team is as follows, as far as I know: there is a "qualifying window" ("The Olympic Games qualifying window opened as of September 1, 2010 and will close April 15, 2012"). Within this window, athletes compete in any (or all) of a series of accredited races attempting to make either the A or B standard:
         -Women's 20km - A [1:33:30]  B [1:38:00]
         -Men's 20km - A [1:22:30]  B [1:24:30]
         -Men's 50km - A [3:59]   B [4:09]
Those who make this standard then compete in the selection trials:

"The qualifying period culminates with the Canadian Championships and Selection Trials in Calgary, Alta., June 27 to 30. All athletes with aspirations to the Olympic team, outside of the 50-kilometre race walk and marathon events, must compete and finish in the top 3 at the Selection Trials in order to be eligible for nomination."    (more here:

The team is then composed of these top athletes achieving these standards, a maximum of three at the A level and 1 at the B level. As of this date (to the best of my knowledge and research), we (Canada) have one athlete qualifying at the A level in the men's 20km racewalk and at least one athlete qualifying at the B level in the Women's 20km for the trials.

As I mentioned yesterday, the trials for the US team 50km were held in San Diego, with John Nunn winning with a time of 4:04:38 and Tim Seaman coming in second at 4:05:50, both under the B level cutoff.  Nunn will go to the Olympics. Erin Taylor-Talcott, the only woman allowed (so far) to compete in the trials for the 50km came 6th out of 12 with a time of 4:33:22, an average 8:48 pace!

The finals for the 20km racewalk (US team) will be held in Eugene, OR: Men's on July 30 and Women's on July 1.

[On a personal note, bringing the Olympics a little more "up close and personal", I am rooting big time for my Mentor, Carmen Jackinsky (check out her archive at, in her bid for US Olympic status. Go, Carmen! I have also been following the career of Canadian Rachel Seaman on her blog as she works towards Canadian Olympic trials qualification. She is only 3 SECONDS off the qualifying time for A level!!!! She is from my neck of the woods (Peterborough, ON; I was born in Lindsay; almost next door!).]

The actual events are scheduled as follows in London:
-Men's 20km: August 4th
-Women's 20km: August 11th
-Men's 50km: August 11th

...and that's the situation so far!

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