Friday, 27 January 2012

More from the kitchen...

       Finished up the "Key Lime Pie" pseudo-larabars yesterday, so tried a new flavour today - Mocha (a variation on Larabar's "Cappuchino" flavour).  To the usual date/almond/cashew base (see blog post for January 19th), I added one pouch of Starbuck's Italian Roast Via (these little pouches of instant microground coffee are also incredible for camping!), a couple tablespoons of pure cocoa (fair trade if you can get it) and a half teaspoon of pure vanilla. Mush it all up together and proceed as outlined in aforementioned post (including adding extra ground almonds to make less sticky).
These are absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!!! Hard to eat just one. You end up with less caffeine than 1/8 cup of coffee in each, but the coffee flavour is amazing. Starbuck's also has an Italian Roast Decaf Via if you prefer no caffeine at all.
    I've also started wrapping each little bar individually in waxed paper, then all of them in a container in the fridge. Makes for easy eating.
   Next up - I'm planning on getting a little food processor - should make this process a lot easier than using my small blender.  Will report back whenever that happens....

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