Saturday, 14 January 2012

Good Stuff for Walkers; Part 2

Here are some more recommended products,and some tips for you walkers/hikers out there. They all get the Good Bunny Seal of Approval.

1. Udder Delight Footsies Moisturizing Foot Salve
I came across this incredible little local business when hiking near Glenwood, New Mexico a couple of years ago. They've since expanded, and continue to have a wonderful line of personal-care products made in-house. Now the "udder" in the company's name alludes to the fact that they use goat milk in most of their products, so off-limits to us vegans, but their foot salve ( is vegan except for the beeswax (for the very strict vegans out there), and absolutely wonderful for pre- or post-walk foot care. It smells great and works extremely well as a protective layer to prevent blisters. The ingredients are:  Comfrey leaf infused into olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, rose hip oil, avocado oil, mango butter, shea butter, bees wax, lemon & peppermint essential oils.
Just one warning: I have found that it can slightly stain some socks; not really a huge deal compared to the comfort you get.

2. Dewalt Bifocal Sunglasses
Now you have to understand that I have pretty bad eyesight, especially up close, and that I don't like wearing clipon sunglasses with my hefty bifocals. Nor do I have prescription sunglasses. I need to be able to see my Garmin readout when working out or racing on a sunny day. While not fashion sunglasses (these are actually smoke-lens safety glasses), these are incredibly comfortable, light, don't press on your temples (I hate that in glasses), don't slip down your nose, are virtually unbreakable (I know, I've stepped on them...accidentally), have UV protection and don't look any worse than "regular" sunglasses.... AND they have a bifocal insert at the bottom which you can get in a variety of strengths!!!!!! This is perfect for reading anything up close, and they are in the bottom of the lens so don't get in the way when you're looking straight ahead. I am notorious for losing my sunglasses, so I bought two pair just in case, and have had both for a long while now. WAIT! IT GETS EVEN BETTER! They are dirt cheap compared to sports sunglasses! You can pick up a pair for around $13 at Amazon: . It don't get much better than that, my friends!

Okay, gentlemen, this one is for the ladies, so go off and talk among yourselves while I present:
3. Moving Comfort Venus/Vero Bra
In the search for the two Holy Grails of feminine walking (shoes and bras), discussion can get heated. Yes, it is a personal choice and preference as no two bodies are built the same. Therefore, the same caveat goes for this bra as went for the shoes: "This is the bra that works FOR ME"....but you may want to try it, too! We ladies spend a lot of time and money trying to find something comfortable and supportive in the undergarment department. If, like me, you are not overly well-endowed in the bosom department but still need good support, try this bra (it goes by two different names). It has become my everyday bra it is that comfortable, and gives great support...also comes in some cool colours. There - I said it - it's cute.  If you are one of those so inclined (I'm not), you could also wear it as a workout top. The straps are convertible, but I have a real problem with "racer" style straps due to a recurring neck problem, so the regular straps are a nice alternative. It wears very well, lasting longer than most bras even with frequent wear and laundering. You can usually get good deals on it from Amazon or Running Warehouse.

Okay, gents you can come back from the study, but leave your cigars and brandy behind...well, at least the cigars.

4. Cleaning Tech fabrics
They get stinky, don't they? And regular washing doesn't seem to get that distinct odour out, does it? Here's a tip I learned from the web and have used ever since because IT WORKS! First, before washing, rub colourless hand sanitizer into the pits of the shirt (use a fair bit and rub it in well). Then, when washing, add some good old fashioned borax to the water with the detergent. VOILA! No more stinkies. You can expand your workout wardrobe to include all those shirts you like but don't wear because they don't smell too genteel.

That's it for today. There might be more tomorrow. Who knows? You'll have to check to see!

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