Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rambles in England 1: The Many Paths of the Ring and Loop

We've been visiting England (especially the London area) for several years now, enjoying the fact that walking is taken seriously there!
 Circling London are two great rings of connected walking paths, the 75 miles (15 segments) of the Capital Ring
Friends of the Capital Ring

And the 150 miles (24 segments) of the London Loop.
London Loop
We've been systematically working through the many segments of these grand circle tours. They are generally well-signed (but not always, be warned!) and pass through a variety of landscapes and trail types:



Canal Towpaths

Through parks

and villages:

and churchyards.

...but also, as necessity dictates, through urbanized areas.
We made it through about 45 miles of listed walks in our eight days there (some details to follow), as well as many, many countless miles of walking in London, Oxford and environs.

NEXT: Surprises and gifts along the way

All photos courtesy Mike Ethier

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